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[Handling of Personal Information]

HYBE LABELS JAPAN Inc. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) endeavors to protect the personal information provided by those applying to this event and the auditions (hereafter referred to as this “Project”) (hereafter referred to as “Applicants”) by handling such information appropriately in compliance with laws and regulations, relevant guidelines, and policies and internal rules established by the Company while taking security control measures.

To this end, we ask Applicants to provide us with their consent after understanding the points below.


–Regarding matters to be confirmed and consent–


[Purpose of Using Personal Information and Provision to Third Parties]

  • The Company uses personal information for scouting artists, models, talents, and others; screening, confirming application by, and contacting those applying for this Project and job vacancies; and providing information regarding the Company.
  • The Company may use and edit the names, portraits, appearances, voices, singing, etc. recorded by audio and/or video or provided to the Company in connection with this Project for various mediums featuring this Project, such as TV, magazines, and websites, and may provide information to third parties operating the mediums to the extent necessary for such uses.
  • In addition to the above, the Company uses the personal information it collected for purposes described in the Privacy Policy separately established by the Company.



[Confidentiality of this Project]

Applicants shall treat as confidential all information obtained about this Project, and shall not announce, disclose, or divulge to third parties any such information by distributing documents, posting on the internet, or any other means (including, but not limited to, posting on social media, sending messages, and using offline media) without the prior written consent of the Company.


Those who wish to apply for this Project are asked to read and agree to all of the above before applying for this Project.


In providing my personal information for your auditions, scouting activities, and search for new talents, I have received an explanation of the above and fully understand and agree to all aspects regarding the handling of personal information, including the purpose of using personal information, the content of your privacy policy, joint use of personal information, and its provision to third parties. 

I agree to participate in this Project and to receive information (including advertising) about HYBE LABELS JAPAN Inc. and its Group companies in Japan and overseas.


Privacy Policy


The Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereafter referred to as the “Act”) stipulates that a personal information handling business operator shall notify or make public the purpose of use of the personal information it collects.

Accordingly, HYBE LABELS JAPAN Inc. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) establishes and publishes the Policy on the Handling of Personal Information (hereafter referred to as this “Privacy Policy”) regarding these matters as follows. Please read this Privacy Policy.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy adopt the definitions of terms used in the Act.


  1. Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations and Guidelines

(1) The Company handles personal information in a legal and proper manner, in compliance with the Act, other relevant laws and regulations, guidelines established by the Personal Information Protection Committee, and this Privacy Policy.

(2) The Company handles personal information within the scope of the purposes of use specified below.

(3) The Company takes necessary and appropriate measures for the security control of the personal data it handles, and provides necessary and appropriate supervision regarding the handling of personal data by the Company’s employees and contractors.


  1. Collection and Provision of Personal Information

(1) The Company collects personal information by legal and proper means.

(2) The Company does not provide personal data to third parties (except for the Company’s contractors and the Company’s Group companies in Japan and overseas) without your prior consent, except as stipulated by laws and regulations.


  1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information Handled by the Company

The purposes of use of personal information collected by the Company are as follows:

(1) To respond to your inquiries

(2) To provide information and guidance regarding the services, products, events, artists, etc. of the Company and the Company’s Group companies in Japan and overseas (hereafter referred to as the “Company etc.”) (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Services of the Company etc.”)

(3) To request you to fill out questionnaires or provide opinions or feedback about the Company etc. or the Services of the Company etc., or to send you rewards in return for answering such requests.

(4) To provide and improve the Services of the Company etc. or develop new Services of the Company etc.

(5) To confirm application and contact those who applied for the auditions, calls for students, and job vacancies of the Company etc.

(6) To achieve the purpose of use which you consented to or which was notified or disclosed to you, in cases where the Company obtained personal information as a result of a merger, spin-off, business transfer, etc.

(7) To deal with disputes, lawsuits, etc.

(8) To carry out other operations necessary for providing the Services of the Company etc.


  1. Matters Concerning Joint Use of Personal Information

(1) All personal data obtained through the services of the Company (name, gender, age, date of birth, occupation, address, telephone number, email address, history of use of the Services of the Company etc., and other information provided to the Company) may be jointly used by HYBE SOLUTIONS JAPAN Inc., subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries of the parent company of HYBE LABELS JAPAN Inc., and companies with capital ties to HYBE SOLUTIONS JAPAN Inc. (including companies in Japan and overseas; hereafter referred to as the “HYBE LABELS”), at the Company’s own risk and within the scope of the following purposes of use:

 (a) To contact about membership registration, continuation, withdrawal, and other procedures related to the Services of the Company etc.

(b) To provide the Services of the Company etc. to users

(c) To confirm if a user is registered or not

(d) To have users fill out questionnaires about the Services of the Company etc. or to deliver rewards to users in return for filling out the questionnaires

(e) To provide users with corporate information about the HYBE LABELS, information about the services of the HYBE LABELS, and information about the artists managed by the HYBE LABELS

(f) To achieve the purposes of use contained herein, aside from the above five purposes

(2) Name of entity responsible for controlling the above personal data



  1. Matters Concerning Personal Data Retained by the Company

(1) Name of the personal information handling business operator (the Company)


(2) Purpose of use of all personal data retained

Same as “3. Purposes of Use of Personal Information Handled by the Company” above

(3) Contact point for inquiries and requests

If you would like the Company to inform you about the purpose of use of, disclose, correct, or suspend use of your personal data retained by the Company, or if you would like to make any other requests or inquiries regarding such personal data, please contact us at the email address below.

Email address for inquiries:


  1. Miscellaneous

(1) Priority of rules

In the event of any discrepancies between this Privacy Policy and information provided separately and individually by the Company through means such as a notice issued to you or the posting of the Terms of Use, the information provided to you individually shall take precedence over this Privacy Policy.

(2) Handling of personal information on linked websites

The Company cannot be held responsible for the handling of personal information on websites which are operated by parties other than the Company, linked from websites operated by the Company (hereafter referred to as “Linked Websites”). Please refer to the privacy policies of the Linked Websites for their handling of personal information.


  1. Revision

The Company may revise all or part of this Privacy Policy. Any revision made will be disclosed by reflecting it in the Privacy Policy published on the website operated by the Company or by other means. The revised Privacy Policy shall apply from the date of such disclosure.


Established: 3rd February, 2020

Revised: 31st March, 2021